5 April 2002

From: Diane Wellmeier Grant

Comments: Are you related to any of the Wellmeier's that live in the Indiana area/ Iowa area. I did not think that there was many other Wellmeiers around except the ones that were related to me. my email address is Whiteowl@dellepro.com

9 April 2002

Dear Brian,

How are you? Thank you for writing back! Thanks for the information and I have always been interested in learning about family trees but I am just starting to look into my family history and so I do not know what the Gedcom file is. I looked up the Wellmeier name on a link from your wed site and found my Grandpa on there. My grandpa name was Walter Wellmeier and he was married to Laura Lynch and they had 3 children. My Aunt stated that when she was 6 years old she had a Uncle Carl that moved out of state and never saw him again. Maybe that is some relation and she said that there are some relations that live in Louisiana and Missouri. Like my aunt stated that we are probably related in some way. It will be interesting to see how much info we can obtained.

Take care

Diane Wellmeier Grant